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IEIU <br /> June 29, 2010 <br /> Mayor Green and Union City Council Members <br /> 34009 Alvarado-Niles Rd <br /> Union City, California <br /> Dear Mayor Green and City Council Members; <br /> I am writing you in behalf of the SEIU Local 1021 bargaining unit to express our desire to work together <br /> to address the City's budget deficit. Our negotiation team is working to address both the needs of the <br /> City and our members in our negotiation process. This letter seeks to identify some of the obstacles <br /> that we must address in order to reach a workable agreement that meets both the needs of the City and <br /> the SEIU employees. It is our hope and desire to be able to overcome such obstacles so that we can <br /> move forward and focus coley on the delivery of services that the residents of Union City deserve. <br /> 1. We are seeking a way to address the City's proposal to allow the City to contract with private <br /> contractors that perform work within the union's contractually negotiated classifications. The <br /> Union is proposing that the parties meet to discuss whether the existing work force can, in fact, <br /> perform the same work. If in fact,the bargaining unit can perform the work,and save the City <br /> money, than we can not understand why that is not in the best interests of all parties, including <br /> the taxpayers of the city? <br /> 2. We are pleased that the City seeks to promote ideas for cost savings where all parties share in <br /> the economic sacrifices that are needed. Yet,the Union is concerned with how the City is <br /> promoting the concept of equity. When one party is in a deeper hole than all others, is it really <br /> fair that the sacrifices be exactly the same? This is an obstacle that must be overcome. <br /> 3. Lastly,while the idea of furloughing workers may be unavoidable,the Union is seriously <br /> concerned with the fact that the City is presenting proposals, that are objectively cutting deeply <br /> into employee wages, and also expecting the employees to assume the pending increases in <br /> health care costs without acknowledging the on-going lack of parity with other employees <br /> regarding the employer's contribution to the premiums. <br /> In closing,the Union truly believes that an agreement can be reached. These horrible economic <br /> conditions are confronting cities throughout the country. These are exactly the conditions when <br /> cities should take advantage of accessing funds from their reserves. It is clear that the City has <br /> the capactiy to access reserves and maintain the council's policy on the percentage of reserves <br /> that should remain in the City's budget. We hope this letter will provide some clarity on how <br /> the Union is approaching negotiations in a manner that can lead to settlement in the interests of <br /> the City, the employees, and the taxpayers of Union City. 7,7 <br /> a/vr. •.5 c. . <br />