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NOTICE OF CONTINUANCE <br /> OF PUBLIC HEARING <br /> NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at the June 15, 2010, meeting of the City <br /> Council, the following public hearing was continued to the meeting of June 29, <br /> 2010: <br /> PUBLIC HEARING TO CONSIDER THE ADOPTION OF A RESOLUTION <br /> BY THE COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY TO APPROVE THE <br /> TERMS OF AN AGREEMENT THAT PROVIDES FOR AN AGENCY LOAN <br /> TO ABAXIS CORPORATION FOR ACQUISITION OF CAPITAL <br /> EQUIPMENT AND THE REHABILITATION OF PROPERTY THAT WILL <br /> BE USED FOR INDUSTRIAL OR MANUFACTURING PURPOSES, <br /> ADOPT FINDINGS IN ACCORDANCE WITH HEALTH & SAFETY CODE <br /> SECTION 33444.6, AUTHORIZE AGENCY COUNSEL TO PREPARE AN <br /> AGREEMENT CONSISTENT WITH THESE TERMS, AUTHORIZE THE <br /> EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR TO EXECUTE THE FINAL AGREEMENT, AND <br /> AUTHORIZE A TRANSFER AT JUNE 30, 2010 OF REMAINING <br /> BUDGETED RDA FUNDS IN THE HORNERNEASY PROJECT (71103) <br /> AND, AS NECESSARY, THE UNION SQUARE OFFICE PROJECT <br /> (71121)TO PROVIDE FUNDING FOR THE LOAN <br /> This notice is prepared and posted in accordance with Government Code Section <br /> 54955.1. <br /> Re ee Elliott <br /> City Clerk <br /> June 16, 2010 <br /> This notice was delivered to the City Council and the Tri-City Voice in addition to being posted <br /> at City Hall, 34009 Alvarado-Niles Road,Union City. <br /> Distributed by the Office of the City Clerk, City of Union City, (510) 675-5348 <br /> r <br />