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RECEIVED <br /> Rely on Reliance for Metal/Service 33201 Western Avenue 0 Union City,California 94587 <br /> APR 2 0 2010 ❑510/476-4400❑1-800-672-3455 TOLL FREE❑FAX 510-476-4444 <br /> CITY OF UNION CITY <br /> CITY CLERK'S OFFICE <br /> RELIANCE METALCENTER <br /> April 13,2010 <br /> Dear Union City Council Members, <br /> It has come to my attention that you will soon vote on the proposed merger between Union City Fire <br /> Department and Alameda County Fire Department.As president and COO of Reliance Steel&Aluminum <br /> Co., it is my responsibility to ensure that our business operations are efficient and effective in every one <br /> of our service centers, including at our Union City location.This consolidation is in the best interest of <br /> our employees and our business,and I urge you to approve this move. <br /> First and foremost, it would be simply reckless to deny our employees and Union City citizens the <br /> inevitable improvement in fire protection and emergency response services that a department with a <br /> bigger personnel pool and more advanced resources would provide.Secondly, it would be negligent as a <br /> business owner to ignore the financial savings Union City businesses stand to gain, as indicated in the <br /> Alameda County Fire Department proposal. <br /> A key reason Reliance Steel has seen success as one of the largest metals processing and distribution <br /> companies in the United States is its long-standing commitment to enhancing and expanding our <br /> services.We continuously push for better results through strategic acquisitions and the strengthening of <br /> existing operations. It is clear that Union City Fire Department would benefit from a similar strategy,and <br /> I thank you for giving attention to this perspective. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> _____........__ <br /> A0.—___ _ <br /> Gregg J. Mollins Gary Norquist <br /> President&Chief Operating Officer Division Manager <br /> Reliance Union City,CA <br /> .14e111-7.a <br /> ifleZo Flo Sppua 1 Mee4inq <br />