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1NHATS HAPPENINGS TRI CITY VOtCE This space!or fiiing stamp only <br /> 39737 PASEO PADRE PKWY,FREMONT,CA 94538 <br /> Telephone{510)494-1999 /Fax(510)796-2462 <br /> Pamela Abeyta <br /> UNIQN CITY/PUBLIC WORKS CNS#:2494217 <br /> 34009 ALVARAD�-NILES RD cmr oF u�co�v cmr <br /> UNI�N CITY, CA-94587 NOTICE 4F PUBLIC HEARING <br /> NOTlCE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE UN14N <br /> CITY Cil'Y COUtVCIL will hold a pub�ic h�ring in <br /> the Counal Chambers�t 34009 Atvar�do Nibs <br /> Rosd,Union City.CA on Tuesday,July 09,2013 <br /> at 7:00 PM or as soon as thereaRer,to reoeive <br /> P R Da F 4 F P U B L I CAT 1�N t�f�9:�"°�°�'°°�re�re'a�� <br /> A resolution initlating pracoedin�s pursuaM to the <br /> (2415.5 C.C.P.) Landscap� and Lightin� /1ct or �9�2 � tne <br /> mainten�noe.opsrstion�and servkjng of public <br /> State of California lands in the L.andscape and Lighting Disbict No. <br /> � 3. <br /> County of ALAMEDA }ss <br /> ALL INTERESTED PARTIES aro invited to attsnd <br /> said hearirp and express opinions or wbmit <br /> Notice Type: g�D-N4TICE lNVITING BIDS �e�e�or a9a�nst t�proposa�as oe��ined <br /> above. <br /> FURTHER INFORMATIQN on the above matter <br /> Ad Description: may be obt�ned or viwved st the Pub�c Waks <br /> D�pertment, located st 34009 Atvarado Niles <br /> Public Hearing Road,un�on�cy. <br /> If a a6zen wi�hes to d�allenge the nature of the <br /> abrnre actions ln oou�t. they m�,y be umicad to <br /> r�ising only ihose issues they or sortseone elae <br /> I am a citizen of the United States and a resident of the State of Califomia;I am �� �t � w�� �� d�s«i�d �n a,� <br /> over the age of eighteen years,and not a party to or interested in the above "O�'����°�OO�spondonc�delivsred co <br /> tho Cityy a or prior to the public hearing. <br /> entitled matter.I arn the principal de�c of the printer and publisher of the <br /> WHATS HAPPENINGS TRI CIIY V410E-UNION CITY,a newsp�per Tho ti� � �+b�e � me d�ed and <br /> published in the English Ianguage in the aaes of UNION CITY and FREMONT, ��"g '"'p""'°d• !f '�� �'�"0� '� <br /> and ad'ud ed a news g y ���� � �r {s�o� e�5-s3a8 :o <br /> � g paper of eneral circuladon as defined b the laws of the a000n,moaaUor,: car, ee a����. wr,�e rw� <br /> State of Califomie by the Superior Court of the County of ALAMEDA,Stete of �equ�nd,�nouB noaco�s a�neaaoea. <br /> Califomia�under date of 05J0212008,Case No.FG0837452Q.That the notice� DATED:June 25,20�3 <br /> of which the annexed is a pnnted oopy,has been published in each�egular and ��y r�� <br /> entire issue of said newspaper and not in any supp�ement thereof on the ��13 <br /> following dates,to-wit: cNS-z�2��� <br /> 06/25/2013 <br /> Executed on:Os127/2013 <br /> At Los Angeles,Cal�fornia <br /> I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and <br /> correct. <br /> �- <br /> Signature <br /> �� �� � �-� * A 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 1 T 8 9 1 * <br /> �� � � <br /> ..�- ��- ��3 <br />