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AGENDA POSTING CERTIFICATION <br />Type of meeting: <br />City Council /Redevelopment Successor Agency /Public Financing Authority <br />_� Regular Meeting <br />_� Special Meeting (Closed Session) <br />Special Meeting (Other: ) <br />Other (specify): <br />Human Relations Commission <br />Regular Meeting Other (specify): <br />Parks &Recreation Commission <br />Regular Meeting Other (specify): <br />Planning Commission <br />Regular Meeting <br />Senior Commission <br />Regular Meeting <br />Youth Commission - <br />Regular Meeting <br />Other (specify): <br />Other (specify): <br />Other (specify): <br />Economic Development Advisory Team (EDAT) <br />Regular Meeting Other (specify): <br />Joint City Council /School Board Sub - Committee <br />Regular Meeting Other (specify): <br />Public Art Board <br />Regular Meeting <br />Other meeting type (specify): <br />Other (specify): <br />Date of meeting: � � 3 Time of meeting: <br />hereby certify under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the State of California, that 1 <br />posted the agenda for the above captioned meeting on the glass- enclosed bulletin <br />board outside of the main entrance to City Hall, 34009 Alvarado -Niles Road, Union City, <br />CA, not less than 72 hours prior to the meeting. <br />Date of posting: J ` � Si nature: <br />N 9 � <br />Time of posting: Print name: <br />AM/ M <br />(Circle e) Print title: <br />