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5.b Approve Minutes of the Regular Meeting Held February 12, 2013 <br /> 5.c Adopt a Resolution Approving Appropriating Proposition 84 Grant Funds to Decoto <br /> Green Street Project, City Project No. 11-01 and Award Design Contract to Bellecci & <br /> Associates <br /> 5.d Adopt Resolutions by the City of Union City and by Union City as Successor Agency to <br /> the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Union City to move former RDA <br /> Fund accounts into the appropriate Successor Agency Fund accounts or other Fund <br /> accounts and make certain budget adjustments where considered necessary for Fiscal <br /> Year 2012-2013 <br /> 5.e Adopt a Resolution Authorizing and Directing the Submission of a Project Application for <br /> the Teen Center Project in the Amount of Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) to the East <br /> Bay Regional Park District Under the Measure WW Park Bond Program by no tlater <br /> than March 31, 2013 (In conjunction with Item 3B) <br /> VI. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> 6.a Public Hearing (Published Notice) to Introduce an Ordinance for Municipal Code <br /> Amendment, AT-13-001, to modify Chapter 18.40, Industrial Districts, of the Municipal <br /> Code to 1) Remove Professional Trade Schools and Colleges, Transit and Passenger <br /> Railroad Stations, and Union Halls from the List of Principal Permitted Uses Allowed in <br /> the ML Zoning District; 2) Remove Health Services (Medical, Dental, Physical Therapy <br /> and Pharmacies) from the List of Conditional Uses Allowed in the ML Zoning District; 3) <br /> Remove Union Halls from the List of Principal Permitted Uses and Add to the List of <br /> Conditional Uses Allowed in the MS Zoning District; and 4)Add Transit and Passenger <br /> Railroad Stations to the List of Conditional Uses in the MS Zoning District <br /> VII. CITY MANAGER REPORTS <br /> 7.a Fiscal Year 2012-13 2nd Quarter (QTR) Report on Budget to Actual Results for the <br /> Period of July 1 through December 31, 2012 <br /> 7.b Informational Report on Preliminary Expenditure Projections for the Biennial (Fiscal <br /> Years 2013-14 and 2014-15) Operating and Capital Budget <br /> VIII. SUCCESSOR AGENCY TO REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY - None <br /> IX. AUTHORITIES AND AGENCIES - None <br /> X. CITY COMMISSION/COMMITTEE REPORTS - None <br /> XI. SECOND ORAL COMMUNICATIONS <br /> XII. SCHEDULED ORAL COMMUNICATION - None <br /> XIII. ITEMS REFERRED BY COUNCIL <br /> 13.a Oral Reports by Mayor and Councilmembers on meetings of County or Regional Boards <br /> and Commissions <br /> City Council/RSA Agenda Tuesday, February 26, 2013 <br />