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AGENDA <br /> CITY OF UNION CITY <br /> SUCCESSOR AGENCY TO REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY MEETING <br /> TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26,2013 <br /> 7:00 PM <br /> COUNCIL CHAMBERS <br /> 34009 ALVARADO NILES ROAD <br /> I. CALL TO ORDER <br /> I.a Pledge of Allegiance <br /> I.b Roll Call <br /> Mayor Carol Dutra-Vernaci <br /> Vice Mayor Emily Duncan <br /> Councilmember Lorrin Ellis <br /> Councilmember Pat Gacoscos <br /> Councilmember Jim Navarro <br /> II. UNFINISHED BUSINESS - None <br /> III. PROCLAMATIONS AND PRESENTATIONS <br /> 3.a Proclamation Declaring March 2012 as American Red Cross Month <br /> 3.b A Presentation From the Teen Center Task Force (In conjunction with Item 5d) <br /> IV. ORAL COMMUNICATIONS <br /> Comments from the audience on non-agenda items will be accepted for a period of 30 minutes. <br /> Speakers are limited to three minutes each. Persons wishing to speak must complete a speaker card <br /> available at the rear of the Council Chamber or from the City Clerk. If the number of speakers exceeds <br /> the time allotment, cards will be shuffled and 10 speakers chosen at random. The remaining speakers <br /> may speak under Section XI of the agenda. <br /> V. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> All matters listed on the Consent Calendar are considered routine in nature and will be enacted by one <br /> motion. If discussion is required on a specific item, it will be removed from the Consent Calendar and <br /> considered separately. <br /> 5.a Motion to Waive Further Reading of Proposed Ordinance (This permits reading the title <br /> only in lieu of reciting the entire text of any proposed Ordinance.) <br />